Measurement Laboratory

I.  Verification to CAD model or Drawing of metal and plastic parts

  1. Measurement with high precision 3D measuring machines
    1.1. Faro Arm – up to 1500мм;
    1.2. AICON Move Inspect XR8 – up to 8000мм 


  2. Digital calipers and octants for plain parts

Customer sectors include: Automotive, Railway, Medical Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, HV/MV Equipment

II. Inspection of welded structures acc. to ISO EN 5817:

  1. Visual inspection of welds done by a team of:
    - 4 engeers, including 2 certified IWEs;
    - 4 inspectors trained by a certified training centre with more than 20 years of experience between them; 
  2. Possibility to perform destructive and penetrant testing of welds


III. Sorting of parts

  1. Visual inspection, including but not limited to:
    - Coating imperfections;
    - Chips;
    - Missing parts;
    - Scratches;